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  • 10,000+ brands (not just companies!), with special focus on brands spending $1MM annually in national media;
  • Granular data for more of these brands than you're likely to find anywhere else: personnel names, exact titles, direct phones, faxes, emails, and addresses, for many of the 98,000+ brand / agency decision-makers entered;
  • Simple lookups by brand, parent, senior corporate entity, business category, agency, address, personnel name, title, and media planning parameters (combine any or all for diverse results);
  • Currency transparency and accountability: 99%+ of all brands are clearly dated, so you'll know when the last major update for each was done. On average, 1,000+ brands are updated every four weeks with contacts, news items, planning data, and/or other information; about 50% have been updated within six months of a typical usage date, and virtually all dated brands are updated within one year;
  • Media planning periods, target prospects, media considered, merchandising preferences, and other spending criteria for 5,000+ brands;
  • Recent brand and agency news;
  • 9,950+ brands' website addresses and hotlinks.

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